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Bridging Finance

Buying and selling at the same time

What you need to know

If you’re in the market to buy a new home but you haven’t yet sold your existing home, you may need a bridging loan. Bridging finance funds the purchase of a new home until the old home has been sold. It’s a convenient way of moving quickly on a new property, without having to wait until your current home is sold.​

Let us help you bridge the financial gap between your current home and your next.


Mature advice during a higher risk financial experience funding

  • What are the true costs of bridging finance?
  • Should I do this? What if I can sell my house?
  • What are the non-bank options if the bank says no?
  • How can I negotiate my purchase contract to reduce the risk?
  • Does this make commercial sense?



Allows you to move quickly on a new property purchase, without worrying about selling your existing home first.


For a cost, it allows you to secure a position in the market giving you certainty e.g. to capitalise on a good deal or move into a tight market where opportunities don’t come up often.


Provides finance to build a new home while you live in your current home.

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