Ready to take your first steps on the property ladder?

It can feel like a big step.
There’s lots of questions and a market pace that can make you feel like you need to act fast. That’s why we’re here to help.

Home Loan Finance

There’s a lot going on for your first home mortgage. Getting the right deal at the right price is critical for reducing interest costs and paying off your home loan quicker. So it pays to know what questions to ask;

  • How much can I lend?
  • What kind of property am I after?
  • What will be the repayments be?
  • What will the interest rate look like?

We can discuss your dream purchase and get you on track to a financial solution that will work for you.


  • We find you the best deal based on your situation
  • Fast, stressfree turnaround
  • Communication throughout the process
  • The right loan structure for you
  • Experienced people to help you through the process
  • Control settlement

Things to consider


Where are you coming from,what is your direction?


Find out your spend power and what’s possible with Luminate Financial Group helping at every step


What are you looking for and what will work long term?

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