Invest in your financial future.


New Zealanders have been securing the financial future
in property for decades. Let us help get you on your way.

Investment Property

Location, price, layout and condition all help you decide if the property is right for you. Enjoy more time to find what you want, while we handle closing with the right financial package to set your investment up.


  • Interest only / Principal¬†& Interest?
  • What is the most tax effective way of structuring my loan (in conjunction with my accountant)?
  • What is the best way of using the equity in my home and minimising the risk?
  • How much deposit do I need for an investment property / bach?


  • Fast, stressfree turnaround
  • The right loan built around your needs
  • Help choosing a property from people with real property experience
  • Help choosing advisors

Things to consider

Set A Goal

What are you hoping to achieve? We can help you make the right decisions for buying a property you don’t intend to live in.

Passive Income

If you’re looking at using your property as a rental, think about the area you’re buying in. How does it compare to the national average rent and what capital gains can you expect?

Create Value

You can do more than just waiting for your property to give capital gains. Increase your property in value by renovating, repairing or landscaping.

Get Started

Thinking of taking the next step? Fill out our Quick Start form to begin. We’ll be able to help you find exactly how much you can borrow, the best bank to use and the best loan features.